News & Events I will be one of the 2011 artists on the Lebanon Valley Art Studio Tour. It takes place the weekend of November 5-6 and I will (probabl

Br Cuff worn etsy

Brass Fold Formed Cuff ©2011

News & Events

I will be one of the 2011 artists on the Lebanon Valley Art Studio Tour. It takes place the weekend of November 5-6 and I will (probably) be at the Winter’s Heritage House Museum in Elizabethtown, PA.

There are still slots available in both of my upcoming Fold Forming Workshops − June 4th at HACC in Harrisburg, PA through the PA Guild of Craftsmen and June 24th at the Wayne Art Center in Wayne, PA.

I now have hammer themed T-shirts, mugs, buttons, etc designed by me and available for sale at my Zazzle shop online.

I also have work for sale at the Arts Barn in Schuylkill Haven, PA.


Have Spring Fever?

Knock off work and try some of these ideas for a quick cure.

Take a day trip to an outdoor art exhibit like Grounds for Sculpture, Bradford Graves Sculpture Park, or the Texas Sculpture Garden
Take a gardening workshop
Clean up an old, neglected cemetery or city park, better yet, bring your friends along to help!
Just get in your car and drive somewhere new. Don’t forget to bring your camera.
Can you say ice cream and mini golf?

Flame black etsy

Flame ©2011 sterling silver, Brockman Hills tiger eye, almandine garnet

Current Inspiration – Flame

This past Fall, I took advantage of some sales a couple of my suppliers had and bought up a load of gemstones. I’ve slowly been designing pieces around each one. Most of these have been collars, but lately I’ve started working on some smaller necklaces.

I’ve also returned to using some faceted gems in my work. Some of these new necklaces have begun combining the agates and jaspers with some sparkly stones as contrast. Flame is one of these.

Unlike many of the stones that I use, the Brockman Hills Tiger Eye in this piece has corners – four of them. It’s almost a rhombus shaped stone. I decided to play this up with the design of the pendant. It’s offset and angled the opposite direction as the stone. I like the way all the angles work both with and against each other. I even made a rhomboid toggle clasp to match.

The origin of the name of this piece is fairly obvious with all the warm reds in the two stones. The patterns in the tiger eye also remind me of charcoal or flowing lava. This piece told me its name before I even finished it.

Flame has a Brockman Hills Tiger Eye and an almandine garnet set in oxidized sterling silver. The pendant measures 2 ½” x 1“ x ¼” and hangs on an 18” chain with a handmade toggle clasp. It is available at my online Etsy shop for $500.00 plus shipping.

flame garnet etsy
Flame back etsy
Flame close etsy

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collar vii copy

Collar VII ©2011 sterling silver, yellow agate

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