Got a Bucket List? Add "Chaining Yourself to a Doghouse" To It! Every morning we get to experience the gift of FREEDOM. As humans, we have choices ev


Rebecca Helwig talks to the media about the dangers of dog chaining at Chain off 2011 in Tennessee

Got a Bucket List? Add "Chaining Yourself to a Doghouse" To It!

Every morning we get to experience the gift of FREEDOM. As humans, we have choices every day, even when we feel that only one of them is viable, such as getting up and going to work. Each day brings a fresh start, a new opportunity to choose kindness over anger, love over hate, right over moral wrong.

But the chained dogs don't have a choice without us. They don't get to experience FREEDOM as you and I know it, and their choices are limited to finding a comfortable spot in which to lay that is shaded or sunny, depending on the weather, and isn't covered in feces. Snow, rain? Forget about it! They don't get the chance to run, to play, to cuddle, to know human love.

And, most importantly, they don't have the voice to say "I DON'T WANT TO LIVE THIS WAY ANYMORE. Please Stop."

We have to be this voice for them.

That's what Chain Off is all about. We put ourselves into their paws for a day in order to advocate for them, to spread the word that chaining doesn't cut it, and create social change and better laws for Man's Best Friend.

So, do you have a bucket list? If so, and chaining yourself to a doghouse isn't on it, add it today! You'll be grateful you did. And so will the dogs we serve.

Visit our Chain Off Page to Learn More, Register, and find out all about the Ten State Capitol Doghouse Tour with DDB's Tamira Thayne! You know you want to come. And bring your doghouse.


One of Dogs Deserve Better’s newest Reps Steps up to the Plate and HIts a Home Run

Dee Oh Gee 2

DDB Reps and YOU Can make a Difference in a Chained Dog's life.

Pendleton County Humane Society in Franklin, WV was called to pick up some small dogs at a residence and while they were there they found a dog chained outside in horrific conditions. DDB was quickly contacted for help and DDB’s Steven Rogers was notified of the dog in need. Steven wasted no time getting things in place for this dog's rescue and recovery. The owner surrendered the dog whose name was “Dee Oh Gee” (DOG). Dee Oh Gee was infested with fleas, was underweight, and was treated for a UTI. He also passed a kidney stone, which was making him extremely uncomfortable.

After getting healthy, Dee Oh Gee participated in an adoption event at the local Petco Store where a very lovely family laid eyes on him and fell in love! Dee Oh Gee now spends his days with his new family, the Jacksons, and enjoys a very beautiful quiet home and indoor life. NONE of this would have been possible without the support of the many individuals and organizations who worked to get Dee Oh Gee transported to Steven. We would like to give a special thanks to Carol Hutchison from the Pendleton County Humane Society, Beth Reedy from Friends Fur Life Rescue, Heather Kelly and Alicia Aston from Dakota's Dream Animal Rescue for assisting in his transport and rehabilitation!


Bandit, one of the two PA "Basement Dogs" comes to the Center

Two of the PA "Basement Dogs" Come to the Good Newz Rehab Center!


Bandit decided he liked the doggie pool. He ran in and out until he emptied it of water and filled it with dirt, then he decided to lay down full out for a good nap!

We told you in a past newsletter about the dogs we called "The Basement Dogs" near Pittsburgh, PA, four dogs that had been spending their entire lives in—you guessed it—a outside time, no people time, just live, eat, drink, and defecate in the basement of a small house.

The odor was noxious, the fumes detrimental, and the dogs unsocialized.

One was quickly moved to a foster home, but three were still left in the basement, waiting for a foster home. Two weeks ago, we freed up two spots at the facility and told Rep Liesa Collier, "Bring those puppies on down!"

Bandit quickly made himself at home—that's him laying in the doggie pool and running exuberantly through the field. Raith, formerly "Tiny", is having a harder time learning to trust people, and we still have to carry him outside and in for naptime and bedtime because he won't allow us to lead him on a leash or follow us. But he's kind and sweet, and we think he will eventually warm up enough to live a normal dog life.

The former owner wants to keep the pup's father and bring him upstairs to live, so Liesa will continue working with her to get him housetrained and socialized, or be ready if the decision is made to release him.

Another Happy Ending, and another Vote of Confidence for the DDB Rescue and Rehab Facility! We are chain-ging lives, one dog at a time.

Will You Give Dogs Deserve Better your Financial Support?


DDB is a nonprofit, and as such we only exist because of your donations. We can continue to help chained dogs like Opie with your financial support. Thank you!

Dogs Deserve Better is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, and as such we exist only through and because of your belief in us and your donations. Our financial needs have become much greater since we bought the Good Newz Rehab Center, but in the end the payoff in chained and penned (and basement!) doggie lives saved will not only make it all worthwhile but will also be comparably PRICELESS.

We'd like to have your support. Will you continue to sponsor our efforts to save and rehome these dogs, care for their vet needs, educate society, and change laws? If so, please give even a $5 donation today, because in the end they will all add up to one BIG improvement for chained dogs. And thank you. We appreciate your continued support.

DDB Didn't Win the Truck. But we are So Grateful for all Your Votes.


We currently have to haul all our supplies in the back of a minivan, but are looking forward to the day we have a truck to haul our supplies.

Thank you SO much to everyone who voted for us to win the truck, and who shared and asked your friends to vote! We so appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule for us.

Unfortunately, even though we came pretty close, we were not able to overtake the Zoo before the finish line.

We are still seeking a truck that runs and will pass inspection, if you or anyone you know has one you could donate, or you can think of any ideas that will enable us to get one.

We also are in need of a push mower that runs...Tami donated her's from her home in Pennsylvania, but it's on it's last leg, and we need another one for the dog yards and the trim around the facility.

If you can donate either a truck or a lawn mower, and are in the vicinity of the Good Newz Rehab Center in Smithfield, VA, we will be most appreciative to have your gift! Give us a call at 757-357-9292 to discuss the details.

Madison in Indiana Seeking Her Forever Home!

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Madison was originally rescued by former rep Marie Belanger, however she may be best as an only dog, or with only one other dog, preferably a male. She has had a tough time finding the right home for her! She is gorgeous, loving, and caring, just needs a home without cats and either as an only dog or with one other. If you can help by fostering or adopting Madison, who has been fully vetted and housetrained, e-mail Patricia, the rescue coordinator, at Good Luck, Madison! Such a pretty girl as you deserves the right home. Don't give up!

Jump for Joy over New Laws for Our Best Friends!

We've got some exciting new laws to report which enable safer environments for our doggie friends and the children in their cities and counties. Here's a few:

Arlington, Texas

Positive Update on Lake County, Florida

Cleveland, Ohio

All the way from New Zealand!

"Hi DDB, We love what you do! We are a small group in Auckland, New Zealand and are hoping to get legislation changed here. We would love to speak with you about what to look out for with trying to get the law changed on behalf of chained and penned dogs.

Later this year Chained Dog has a segment on a current affairs programme that is already filmed and ready to go. Paw Justice are ready to start a petition, and we are going to blitz newspapers with letters to the editor along the way. Politicians are coming on board and will support the submission in Parliament."

Lynn Charlton
Chained Dog Awareness NZ

Visited our Store Lately? There's so much to Buy, See, Use to Spread the Word about Chaining!

Been by our store lately? We have so many educational tools to spread out into your community, plus fun shirts and other attire that you could shop for the whole family, even the family dog!

It's the perfect time of year to sport yard signs or hang posters in the local area. DDB can't be everywhere at once, but the message about chaining sure can with your help!

Thank you for bringing chained dogs into the home and family with us for the past ten years. We couldn't do it without your support.

Tamira Thayne, DDB CEO and Founder