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Newsletter #41 for September 7, 2011

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Help a Fellow Operator with an Iron Problem

A reader recently experienced a sudden increase in raw water iron concentration, from 0.3 mg/L to 1.65 mg/L. He suspects this change is due to aquifer stress from year-round usage of this single well source, with even heavier demand than usual during this summer's drought. As iron has never been a problem before, this operator doesn't have any testing equipment for iron in house and wants to know what SmallWaterSupply.org readers recommend that would be cheap and effective for him to use for testing. Send us an email if you have experience with iron testing in house and have a recommendation.

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Don't Forget

October 1, 2011 is the deadline for all Community Water Systems to submit their 2010 Annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) proof of distribution to their primacy agency.

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What We Lose When the Funding Runs Out

We recently received this note from the Colorado Rural Water Association:

Decisions about funding at the state and federal level are beyond the control of these training partners and CRWA. As a result, our free Mobile Training Unit program and our free weekly classes, which were federally funded, may come to an end.

CRWA will continue to provide training with your needs and interests in mind at a reasonable cost to you if the state and federal funding ends. Times are changing and we should not rely on grants from federal and state tax money.

Technical assistance providers around the country are all dealing with the same issue. If you are a small system operator who is usually able to find free training to maintain your CEU's, expect to see the "free" go away. What we have seen, though, by working with trainers all over the country, is that training costs are almost always a great value regardless. Bottom line is that you should prepare for possibly spending more on CEU training classes for at least the next year (hopefully, that's all).


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