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Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration CRM and cloud computing to grow your business

Email Marketing Integration With The #1 CRM

Salesforce is a CRM platform, offering sales tracking and real-time visibility.

If you already use Salesforce to manage your customer and prospect data, you know that it's important to stay in contact. Being actively engaged with potential customers and maintaining conversations with current clients is vital to business growth.

At Mad Mimi we're big fans of making important tasks easy. And now you can combine Salesforce's power with Mad Mimi's simple email newsletters to create an immersive email conversation with prospects and clients alike.

Get Started In Minutes

  1. Click on Add Things at the top of any Mad Mimi page and activate the Salesforce integration.
  2. Click on the Import Contacts button to verify your Salesforce credentials and import your contacts.
  3. Your Salesforce contacts are now in the Mad Mimi Audience area.

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