Mad Mimi

API return codes

500, Mimi's having a moment page if @[[unsubscribe]]@ or @[[tracking_beacon]]@ has been left out
400, "{email} is suppressed" if you're using @check_suppressed@
500, "Unable to deliver email to email. Please contact"
409, "You do not have a list named {list name}."
503, A message of our choosing while doing upgrades :)
403, "Please enable the Mailer API on your account"
403, "Your account has been suspended. Please contact"
403, "Your account has not yet been approved to send emails. Please contact"
402, "You have reached your audience limit, please upgrade your account"
400, An error message of some kind
404, "There was a problem adding {email} to your audience."
409, "You do not have a promotion named {promotion name}."
403, "Your body parameter was unable to be parsed, due to: {message}. Please ensure the body parameter is valid YAML: {yaml}"
403, "Your email has {placeholders} in it, but you have not specified their replacements in the body parameter, which was: {yaml}"